Today I stopped at the Mc Donalds in Walmart for a hamburger and sat down next to this man who proceeds to inform and educate me about our drinking water.  After talking with him and pointing him to our website I determined to write this article.

In addition to contaminating our food supply with pesticides, hormones and genetic modifications, water supplies are being contaminated as well — even for those who live in the city far away from farmland.

Flint, Michigan’s contaminated water should not have been such a surprise considering the Environmental Protection Agency has revealed that only nine U.S. states are reporting safe levels of lead in their water supply. Those states are Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota and Tennessee.

The EPA says the other 41 states had higher than acceptable levels of lead in drinking water. EPA also said that of more than 7,000 schools that are subject to the agency’s Lead and Copper Rule, 431 reported heightened levels of lead in the three years from 2012 to 2015.

The EPA report doesn’t even bother to mention the dozens of other contaminants and toxicants invading our water. Even within states, the water quality is not necessarily consistent throughout, so the water supply in a given community may be better or worse than the overall state levels. Even in those states with supposedly safe water overall, some communities may not be up to that standard. For example, Texas has the most widespread problem of radium in the water supply.

Communities get water from rivers, lakes, reservoirs and groundwater. Water utilities use a combination of processes to purify water before pumping it down the pipeline to the tap. Chemicals are added that attach to impurities so they will settle to the bottom of the water tank to be filtered out.  However, what they do not tell you is this process does not remove Pharmaceuticals-OTC Medications-Vitamins or the other 80,000 known chemicals identified by the EPA.

Water is filtered through sand, gravel and charcoal to remove dust, parasites, bacteria, viruses and chemicals. Water is disinfected with chlorine, chloramine, phosphates or ozone or a combination of these. In some places, they use so much chlorine to kill bacteria and viruses, you can smell it when your pour the water. Some communities like Seattle and New York take extra measures to protect the source of the water supply with regulations and programs to protect their watershed.

The problem of bad water coming into our homes is also about contamination and that there is no known process other than distillation (a very expensive process-in fact so expensive no city can afford to institute this process) to remove these contaminants.

For many communities in the U.S., the water supply infrastructure is antiquated and sorely in need of upgrading and repair, even more than our roads and bridges.

Bottled water is not safe either. Bottled water comes from community water supplies, rivers, streams, even underground, but all are contaminated.   Public water supplies are governed by the EPA, which requires disclosure of the contents of the water, and we see how that’s turned out. Bottled water comes under the Food and Drug Administration, which regulates bottled water as food but does not have the capability of mandatory testing. Bottlers are required to list the source of the water but not the content (except in California). So you have no idea what you’re drinking.

These are some things you can do to have peace of mind that you are getting safe water:

  • The only sure way is to buy distilled water or a distiller for your home.
  • Stop flushing Pharmaceuticals-OTC Medications-Vitamins down the toilet-sink or throwing them in the trash. This all contributes to “Tainted-Polluted” drinking water.
  • Contact us to bring our life saving program to your City and at no cost to the City.
  • Go to our website CLICK HERE FOR OUR WEBSITE watch the many videos and information we have about your drinking water.
  • Help us in our crowdfunding attempts go to or click this link CLICK FOR CROWDFUNDING

If you’ve been drinking impure water: The contaminants in much of our water are responsible for fatigue, premature aging, chronic disease, even cancer.

Lawernce Kenemore Jr

Inventor of products to protect the environment through recycling. Thinking outside the box in the implementation of his inventions.

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