Recent AARP Publication Say’s Flush your Pharmaceuticals

The fall 2017 AARP Journal in an article about How to safely dispose of unused medications lists in “bold” letters  “Disposal by Flushing” “Thrown them in the trash”!

Apparently, they understand the problems of the elderly:

  • Having to save them up to dispose of them
  • Finding somewhere to dispose of them
  • Driving somewhere to dispose of them
  • Being able to drive somewhere in the first place
  • Transportation
  • Living in the country

Throwing them in the trash still pollutes your drinking water even if you mix Pharmaceuticals-OTC Medications-Vitamins with kitty litter dirt or coffee.

If any age set in this Country is more affected by this issue than the elderly let me know!  They have many Pharmaceuticals-OTC Medications and usually change them frequently.  When that happens or a spouse is deceased there are lots of Pharmaceuticals-OTC Medications to dispose of.

This subset of the population wants and needs convenience an in-home convenience, not throwing in the trash or flushing down the sink or toilet.

Attached here is the article and notice it is last on the list because they know that a lot of seniors have the problem of getting out.

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Lawernce Kenemore Jr

Inventor of products to protect the environment through recycling. Thinking outside the box in the implementation of his inventions.

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