I’m Kevin Walker

A wonderful idea and concept "Saving The Environment One Community At A Time" That is what I found with the inventor Larry Kenemore Jr.
Raised in a small town in Louisiana currently resides in Northern California. An only son with 10 sisters. I watched my sisters recycle clothes from an early age. After moving to Northern California and traveling back to Louisiana to visit family I discovered that a vast majority of people do not recycle and that a majority in the rural area still burn their trash.
I own a Sound Engineering Production Company that provides services to private, Corporate, and studio events.
My purpose is to eductate Communities on Recycling and to collect the largest amount possible from homes. To use these products collected in a safe and cleaner way. And mostly to change the way Recycling has been accomplished in the past.
A look at our Stat-Medicament-Disposal Corporation product is what we are all about.

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I’m Kim Walker

I was raised in Northern California and the State of Washington. Since a young age I have been passionate about the Environment and doing my part to save the earth.
My family would not hesitate to tell you about the time I made them turn off the air conditioner in Hawaii because it was bad for the Environment.
In College I earned my Conservation of Wildlands Resources Degree. I then attended Law School thinking I would be an Environmental lawyer. Although I do not practice Environmental Law it is still a large passion for me. What I have learned from talking to people and attending classes about Recycling is that there is a lack of resources and education on the subject.
Here at FillAbox Corporation and it's subsidiary companies I get to be a part of an exciting opportunity from the beginning, I get to voice my ideas on the products, and to assist with educational programs, but mostly I get to watch the products save the Environment One Community at a Time.

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