Fish that inhabit the waters downstream from wastewater treatment plants were recently tested by the scientist from Environmental Canada, Climate Change Canada, and Mc Master University. 

These scientist found changes from standard behavior that left them more vulnerable to predators.  Specifically, they found the blood plasma of the collected fish displayed inclusion of several common antidepressants.  And that the closer the fish was to the wastewater treatment plant the bolder and less anxious they were making the more explorative and susceptible to predators. 

Taken together, the results suggest that fish downstream from wastewater treatment plants are accumulating Pharmaceuticals at levels sufficient to alter neurotransmitter concentrations and to also impair relevant behavior.  This research also found molecular changes resulting from Pharmaceuticals-OTC Medicines which inflicted liver damage and compromised lipid metabolism.


How long are we as fathers, mothers, grandfather, grandmothers going to just sit still and continue to put this into our children and grandchildren’s bodies.  If it is in fish it is in their bodies also.  What are we leaving behind for them? 

Go to and learn how YOUR CITY can save it’s drinking water and the health of your children and grandchildren.  The EPA nor any government agency regulates Pharmaceuticals-OTC Medications-Vitamins in your drinking water!  The reason is there is no known process to remove them.  Stat-Medicament-Disposal Corporation winner of the 2017 SCORE/Fedex Green Business of the Year Award has the answer to the drinking water and opioid crisis problem.



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