The FDA Still Recommends Flushing Drugs

                                         FDA Response Letter to the Letter Asking for the End to the ‘Flush List  

Letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Deputy Commissioner of Policy, Planning Legislation & Analysis, Jeremy Sharp in response to a letter  first submitted  January 22, 2016.

The response letter states “FDA supports the proper disposal of unused prescription drugs through take-back programs and continues to include this as the first recommendation in our information to the public.”   It also states, “there may be situations whereby consumers may not be able to access a take-back program.  These alternative disposal options include disposal in the household trash and for a small number of drugs products, flushing down the sink or toilet as soon as they are no longer needed.”

In short, the FDA will continue to promote the flush list.
As you can see from this response letter the FDA knows that:
1.  There are not enough programs that are accessible
2.  There is a need to remove Pharmaceuticals-OTC Medications-Vitamins from the environment
3.  Even though there is a risk of contamination of your drinking water the risk out-weighs the need to remove these items from homes.
Here at Stat-Medicament-Disposal Corporation the invention and product reaches right into every home in America.  It is convenient enough to fit right in your medicine cabinet.  It is safe, and once items are placed inside they are neutralized.  Once it is returned to Stat-Medicament-Disposal Corporation it is used to generate electricity.  This makes sense for a complete recycling system and no pollution as the end product.

However we must all remember if you flush, once in the water there is no known way to remove it, and the EPA has no requirements for Wastewater treatment removal.  Get a bottle for your home now and help us start a revolution.

Yes I Want A Bottle

Lawernce Kenemore Jr

Inventor of products to protect the environment through recycling. Thinking outside the box in the implementation of his inventions.

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