The EPA Does Not Regulate a Single Pharmaceutical in Your Drinking Water

Why?  Because there is no known process to remove them from your drinking water.  Therefore these Pharmaceuticals-OTC Medications-Vitamins pass through wastewater treatment plant and make their way into streams, rivers, lakes and the ocean.  The EPA has a list of eight hormones and one antibiotic  that make your drinking water unsafe but are not regulated because there is no known process to remove them.  Pharmaceuticals can persist in the water for years because of the way they are manufactured, that is they do not degrade over time.
Just think about what is happening in your drinking water between the antibiotics and bacteria.   Pharmaceuticals have subtle but significant effects on the behavior and development of organisms.
 Did you know that zoloft has been detected in your drinking water?  Just think of the effect on plants and animals.  They effect the health and behavior of insects, fish, birds and more. These animals feed on fields fertilized with human and or animal waste.
 Humans health though is the million dollar question.  That is research , while maybe not a direct link to human health, certainly suggests that, as we start seeing things that affect quatic life, animal life, we should be concerned about human life.   Do we need to wait until that happens to you or one of your family members?
We need to prevent  Pharmaceuticals-OTC Medications-Vitamins from entering the water system namely by providing a system that is in your home and convenient with built in safety.  That is what we did at and has the added benefit of data collection so that real numbers can be produced to determine the actual weight being disposed of.

Lawernce Kenemore Jr

Inventor of products to protect the environment through recycling. Thinking outside the box in the implementation of his inventions.

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