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Stat-Medicament-Disposal   Bottle©™

Q: What standards does Stat-Medicament-Disposal©™ pharmaceutical disposal meet?
A: The DEA regulations for destruction of controlled substances by deeming “non-retrievable”. Meets EPA and FDA non-hazardous disposal standards.

 There are MSDS data sheets available on request

 Q: What standards does Stat-Medicament-Disposal©™ pharmaceutical disposal system meet?
Stat-Medicament-Disposal©™ exceeds Federal and The Joint Commission (TJC) guidelines.

 The Stat-Medicament-Disposal©™ pharmaceutical bottle is Eco-Friendly “disposal in a bottle”. The bottle contains a ready-to-use chemical digestion solution. Simply load unused or unwanted Pharmaceuticals-OTC Medications-Vitamins into the bottle. Shake to mix patent pending digestion solution over the medications. Drugs start dissolving on contact permitting the active medication ingredients to be adsorbed and neutralized by the active charcoal ingredients.  The active medication ingredients permanently bond to the activated charcoal. The process to release medication is subsequently irreversible.

Stat-Medicament-Disposal©™ helps accomplish the DEA’s goal to reduce drug diversion by keeping medications out of the wrong hands, diminish accidental poisoning and decrease illicit drug activities.

 Stat-Medicament-Disposal©™ disposal system is a ready-to-use product. Bottle requires no additives or special training to use.

Bottle contains patent pending solution that begins dissolving medications on contact. Active medication ingredients are adsorbed or neutralized by activated charcoal.

Each bottle contains a carefully formulated balance of ingredients that will destroy medication capacity.


o Resists mold growth

o Resists bacteria development

o Captures ghastly odors

o Airborne debris from powder additives

                                                                                             SAFE WATER
Stat-Medicament-Disposal©™ is the Eco-Responsible drug disposal systems choice. It supports EPA and FDA efforts to help prevent leaching of pharmaceutical-OTC Medications-Vitamins into drinking water, soil, and waterways. In most states, Stat-Medicament-Disposal©™ meets AND OR EXCEEDS disposal regulations for solid waste.

However, to further protect drinking water and the environment, Stat-Medicament-Disposal©™ has provided for incineration to generate electricity, and qualifying for Carbon Credits on destruction, something not offered by any other program.

Easy to load ensures it to be viable for home environments. Take responsible steps to minimize pollution of our soil and water, stop drug diversion and inappropriate use.

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