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No one disputes that the modern medical community is fortunate to have drugs available that manage health issues and help alleviate suffering.  However, everyone, including President Biden in his State of the Union Address, knows we are in the middle of a devasting drug crisis.  It is common knowledge that opioid addiction and overdose deaths are at an all-time high.

    What many do not know about are the other factors that contribute greatly to this crisis.   Well-meaning family members often do not recognize they are part of this deadly problem. They keep legally acquired but unused bottles of prescription medicine in their homes, not realizing that many teens are tempted to experiment with them thinking they are safe since they are prescribed medicines.  These often become gateway drugs that lead to addiction and possibly even death.  Small children are also at risk because they often see these as candies being hidden from them. 

     BUT there is another serious danger that many are not even aware of regarding these unused drugs.  Due to improper disposal of these medicines by well-meaning individuals, they are contributing to pollution and contamination of our drinking water with dangerous consequences when they throw them in the trash or flush them down the toilet.  Neither is an accepted or safe method of disposal.

     THANKFULLY two solutions have been developed to make our homes and society safer.  If we just follow through, we can be part of the answer.  BOTH of these solutions are distributed FREE at no taxpayer expense. In addition, returned products are burned to generate electricity.


     This is a bottle mailed to every participant for an easy, in-home way to dispose of unwanted medications in an environmentally safe way.  Drugs are placed in a bottle of non-toxic solution, neutralizing the drug completely without danger to anyone or anything.  This bottle comes with a pre-paid postage envelope to return the bottle when it is full to avoid locating drop-off sites while following all government regulations.


     This provides the same safe disposal method as the bottle but is a 5-gallon kiosk that holds 12,000 pills and/or liquids.  This can be placed at centrally located sites like medical facilities, churches, nursing homes, and other such community locations, and they DO NOT have to be policed or monitored.

THE PROJECT SMART (School Medication Awareness Recovery Treatment)

     This project is fully supported by the Rotary Smart Program.  The Medical and Drug Disposal aspect won the 2017 American Small Business Championship Award. The Project SMART provides Drug Awareness Programs and Narcan training to save lives from overdoses. As another side benefit, both of the products used by the project are manufactured by special needs individuals which provides them jobs, some independence, and a sense of pride.ess

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